Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parkour dangerous?

Parkour is only dangerous when you perform a movement outside of your current skill level. Parkour practice is all about assessing risks and learning to deal with fears strategically rather than ignoring them.

Am I too old for Parkour?

Parkour is a highly scaleable practise with progressions of movements suitable for all abillities. We believe there is no limit to the age you can practice certain elements of Parkour. We encourage people of all ages to move more and as often as they can!

Do I need to be fit to try Parkour?

Absolutely not, everybody has to start somewhere! One of the benefits of Parkour is that it will develop your fitness level as you continue to practise over time.

What equipment do I need to practise Parkour?

Nothing! All you need is a pair of comfy sports trainers, a flexible track suit and a willing approach to learning!

Is Parkour about jumping between rooftops?

Absolutely not! Although the media has portrayed this image, it is not endorsed by any Parkour organisations. Practitioners may reach a leavel where they feel comfortable doing such things however the foundations of Parkour are never taught on rooftops.